My First Post from New Mexico

{photo removed when the deal fell through}

I wish I could say I've missed my computer but the truth is I've been luxuriating in the real world, drinking in the color, skies and sunlit warmth of Northern New Mexico, and tossing together simple rustic meals that I pause at [briefly!] and wistfully murmur, I should blog this; but then I sigh, and dig in with my rented fork and sip a soft Pinot Noir [half the price of what I paid for it back east] and listen to the birds in the wisteria laden courtyard outside the rented kitchen window and if I miss anything at all, I miss you all, and wish you were here with me in real time conversation [you know, that way of communicating where eyes meet eyes and smiles can be felt and laughter fills your chest with a sudden ache of sheer and simple bliss]. I don't miss my computer in the least [though I'll have to buckle down and get one once we move in to our new home].

We found a house - and not just a house - but a place to live in and paint in and cook in and wake every day in and sip coffee looking at the mountains from the kitchen sink in. I'll post more about it as time allows [and I steal time at Steve's laptop]. Pictures, too. Promise. Here's a sneak peek - we move in late June...and here's a hint - it's not in Santa Fe, but north of it.