All Saints Day Cookies

To be honest, this was one of the main reasons I bought an icing printer.  Saint cookies have been on my mind for years now.

If you don't have an icing printer, don't worry.  Scan the images you want, format them to fit your cookies and take your file to the grocery store bakery or local bakery supply shop to have your images printed.

These are going to kiddo's teacher.

Here's what you need to make them:
  • cookies
  • an awesome aunt who is sweet enough to scan and email you a zillion saint cards
  • frosting sheets
  • white royal icing
  • #2 or 3 tip and #16 star tip

The cookies look cute plain, but I really like the something extra a little piping adds to them.  I added the border with a #16 star tip.

Did they all turn out perfectly? Well, no.

You might recognize the guy on the left.

St. Marguerite.  When my Nana traced our family tree she found we were related to her.  Which is obvious given my saintly nature.

My favorite saint?  St. Bridget (or Brigid), for obvious reasons.  BUT, when the priest who married us gave me a copy of this prayer attributed to her, well, it sealed the deal.  It's a must read.

Here's St. Lucy...
Yes, those are her eyes on a platter. You guys, the saints are interesting!!!

Do you have a favorite saint?


From time to time I run across something that truly tugs at my heartstrings.  Today it is the story of Gloria Vanderbilt’s life. 

The article in Veranda magazine about this genuinely talented and driven woman warmed my heart.  She truly sought a life surrounding by those she loved.  Son Anderson Cooper, in a foreword to his mother’s book The World of Gloria Vanderbilt,  wrote “what’s extraordinary about his mother are her survival skills.”

The photographs below are just beautiful, and I hope that you ENJOY them as much as I did!

Gloria Vanderbilt 1956

Vanderbilt's present living room

Vanderbilt with husband Wyatt Cooper and their children

Patchwork bedroom in Vanderbilt's former townhouse

Vanderbilt's former Southhampton retreat

Aunt Gertrude Whitney's Fifth Avenue mansion

I hope that you have enjoyed this post on the multi talented Gloria Vanderbilt.  To read this heart warming story, pick up your copy of the Nov/Dec issue of Veranda magazine.  It is well worth the coins.

See you soon,


John Saladino and his talented staff of architects, James Taylor and Timothy Mace, and designer Nicole Hsu redesigned this beautiful east coast home. The result is a stunning estate that looks out onto the Pacific.  ENJOY!

Get you copy of the November/December copy of Veranda magazine.  It is an absolutely beautiful issue!
John published his latest book, Villa, in 2009, and it is certainly on the top of my wish list!

See you soon,


There is something so serene and pure about the work of interior designer John Saladino.  In this article, Saladino shares ten of his favorite elements in a newly constructed home.  ENJOY!

To read this article and to see all of the images visit HERE.

See you soon,

Images via Veranda Magazine


Friends, I hope that you have  a HAPPY HALLOWEEN, and remember...

See you soon,


Interior designer Gretchen Edwards and Harrison Design Associates created a rustic, yet contemporary interior on Lake Oconee in Atlanta, Georgia. ENJOY!

To read more about this home visit here.

See you soon,

Halloween cookies so easy, it's scary

{Are you scared, yet?!?}

OK....these have to be the simplest cookies EVER!  You need 3 things:

Outline and fill the cookies with black royal icing.   While the icing is wet, sprinkle on the Disco Dust.


Disco Dust is like bling for cookies.  I can't even describe how sparkly and pretty it is.  It captures the light like nothing I've ever seen.  I hope these pictures do it justice:

I bought my Disco Dust from Amazon and if you are using Swagbucks, it's a great way to try it for free.  Sweet Baking Supply also sells it and has it in a huge variety of colors!  (I used the one called "Rainbow.")

And since it's almost Halloween, let me share with you the SCARY thing about Disco gets EVERYWHERE!!!  If you have a toddler, I'd definitely keep it out of reach.  I made these cookies a few days ago and and still seeing sparkles on my table, my floor, my FACE.  You've been warned! ;)