Vegan Coconut Bars

Vegan coconut bars
Chocolate and coconut vegan heaven.

Sometimes you just need a treat. A recipe with coconut and chocolate. After all, you've been so good. You've been munching fresh veggies and brown rice. You've been slurping healing soup with cabbage and drinking green tea. You've been diligent checking labels for gluten, casein, and soy. So it's time for something sweet. Something moist and chewy and perfect with a cup of tea.

Egg-free baking is tricky. And at high altitude, even trickier. Truth be told, I've tossed a dozen egg-free experiments into the trash this summer. But these little vegan gems?

These were keepers.

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Crock Pot Curry with Coconut Milk

A Healing Curry Recipe
A delicious slow cooked curry simmered in the Crock Pot

Certain individuals at Casa Allrich use their Crock Pot year round. Yes, even in the summer. It keeps the kitchen cool and uses no more energy than a humble light bulb. So when you crave a creamy spicy curry stirred with coconut milk and don't feel like sweating over a hot stove when the Kokopelli thermometer hanging under the portal reads 98 degrees F in the shade, consider the old school slow cooker. 

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Gluten-Free Peach Crisp Recipe

Gluten-Free Peach Crisp
Fabulous gluten-free peach crisp.
First things first. If you haven't checked out Gluten-Free By Bay's recipe round-up for her food allergy friendly blogging festival: Cooking For Karina, buzz on over and savor the flavors (not to mention a fun cooking video from Freshtopia featuring marinated spagini- yes, you heard me right. And Darling, I have to get one of those julienne peelers, uh, like, yesterday!). I am quite honestly overwhelmed and more than a little embarrassed by the attention.

So here comes a great big goddess smooch to Isaiah, and everyone who shared their wonderful recipes. Thank you all. You're the best. I love you.

You know that, right?

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Roasted Vegetable Salsa

Roasted vegetable salsa recipe that is easy and gluten free and vegan
Super easy salsa kicks off any party.

Why buy jarred salsa when making your own is so easy? This is a mild and flavorful salsa recipe perfect for those who find fiery fare a tad too harsh. Try it with some crispy Brown Rice Tortilla Chips.

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Blueberry Cobbler Recipe

Blueberry cobbler- a taste of summer.

Fresh blueberries = summer. And lucky for me these indigo-hued gems are not only gluten-free and chock full of antioxidants (every celiac goddess needs fistfuls of antioxidants, you know) but they're pretty much everything-free. So that shoots them right to the top of a certain allergy-prone goddess' Yum List. I've been plopping them into smoothies, scattering them in bowls of buckwheat flakes and simply munching on them straight from the colander. Ah. Blueberry heaven.

Insert hazy slo-mo flashback

Once upon a time- in the innocent and carefree days of living merely gluten-free- I used to make a delectable (and ultra-easy!) Summer Blueberry Crisp. And Sour Cream Blueberry Muffins to die for. Click on those recipes for some serious berry indulgence. Go ahead. I won't mind. I'll wait. I won't be jealous. Well. Maybe just a wee bit jealous, now that I am gluten and casein-free. Not to mention, egg, soy, lemon, nut, legume, and a few more foods thrown in for good measure free.

Smash cut to: my tiny blue-tiled cocina

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Blueberry July

new mexico sky

The view from our casita last night was a painting in progress- rapidly changing washes of color from east to west. The softest pink pushing into indigo. Cerulean dropping into sea green when you least expected it.

The day had been hot and dry and discouraging- I had realized abruptly, driving home in late afternoon glare to the beat of an REM song (I've got my spine, I've got my Orange Crush) that I had used a chicken bouillon paste in the previous night's green chile. I reached for it automatically. Without thinking. Just as I had the cup of herbal tea with lemon the night before that.

I felt like an idiot. 

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