Karina's Sweet Potato Black Bean Enchiladas

Vegetarian Sweet Potato Black Bean Enchiladas by Karina Allrich
These gluten-free enchiladas won the Whole Foods Budget recipe contest.

Just in case you missed it, I'm sharing one of the all-time favorite recipes here on Gluten-Free Goddess- my sweet potato black bean enchiladas smothered in salsa verde. This budget-friendly vegetarian enchilada recipe is one of those happy accidents that spring from a burst of creative inspiration. I was craving the soft and spicy comfort of enchiladas one windy spring night back in 2003, and I had none of the usual suspects on hand (no chicken, or beef, no pinto beans).

But I had one lovely mother of a sweet potato.

I had a can of organic black beans in the pantry.

Some roasted green chiles.

One lonely lime.

And your intrepid Mamacita at large thought, Hmmm. Why not?

Deliciousness ensued.

These wrapped little gems are soft and creamy and a little bit spicy- just like a certain cook, my husband would say. It's the yams, I tell him. Er, sweet potato. I can never tell the difference. In the end, it doesn't matter. What matters is how it tastes.

And Babycakes, these are so very mucho scrumptious. Seriously. I kid you not. Make a batch for a girls' night in, or laid back Sunday brunch.

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