Maple Sweetened Almond Zucchini Mini-Muffins

Maple Sweetened Almond Zucchini Mini-Muffins
Just sweet enough, gluten-free zucchini mini-muffins with espresso.

Temptation. A to Z. Almond flour and zucchini mini-muffins sweetened only with pure maple syrup. That's right. No cane sugar. (I'm avoiding it like the plague these days, and I'm already six pounds lighter for the effort.) Almond flour and bourbon vanilla bring their subtle, natural sweetness to gluten-free muffin recipes, so why cloak it with a heavy dose of sugar? And adding a lip-smacking kiss of ginger wakes up the zucchini (which tends to fall asleep in baking recipes, due to utter lack of commitment and verve).

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