STEVE JOBS ~ 1955-2011

Since Apple will be honoring the life of Steve Jobs on Wednesday, I thought I would add a few thoughts of my own.  I know that my life is much easier and better because of this genius of a man.  Jobs changed the way we learn, teach, work, and play.

Around my house, you can't sit down without sharing space with an Apple device.  Our Macbook Pro, iPad, iPhone and iPod are valuable to us in our careers and education.  We had to make some choices and forego other luxuries in order to own this technology.  We are satisfied that we did.

 Macbook Pro


iPhone 4S


I believe that the commencement speech Steve Jobs delivered at Stanford University sums up the way he thought people should live their lives.  Listen to it here.

Thank you, Steve Jobs, for all you did to make this a better and easier world to live in.

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