Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Zucchini Brownies Recipe

Zucchini adds moisture to these fudgy gluten-free brownies.

In the thick of joy and the slow drain of heartache both, I bake. I've mentioned this before. Baking is my way. I tie on my apron and rustle up my inner domestic goddess and cope with the world. Because joy tastes sweeter shared with those you love, gathered around a clatter of plates and clinking glasses and spoons licked clean. And heartache. Well, heartache may not be soothed or tamed by a cookie.

But it doesn't hurt to try.

There are many private joys to celebrate here lately. The love fest surrounding my son's wedding in New Hampshire intoxicated us for days. My husband Steve and I felt no less than transformed by the pure and brilliant love of these two distinct and complicated souls unafraid to risk and hope and dream as one. The bride's family embraced us with such kindness and generosity of spirit, that I left feeling as if I had not only gained a wildly lovely family, but friends for life. Which is exactly what family should be.

A camaraderie of spirit.

With lots of dancing.

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